Sunday, 30 January 2011

An Ode to Colin...

The King's Speech is a weird one,
It's funny and it's dry.
But why so many Oscar noms?
I can't quite work out why.

It's true, Colin Firth is jolly good,
In the role of the stammering heir,
And after A Single Man last year,
An Oscar's only fair.

The direction is quite subtle,
Clever, smooth and humble,
Perhaps it's not quite Fincher,
But still, you cannot grumble.

The supporting cast does it's job,
Like a good supporting thing.
A bra made out of Helena and Geoff,
To compliment the King.

On second thoughts... I must admit,
There's not much that doesn't appeal,
About this film about a King,
Who suffers with his spiel.

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