Saturday, 28 November 2009

Oh, Gavin and Stacey's back on. Tidy.

The third and final series of Gavin and Stacey started this week, and it did not disappoint.

The first episode was full of ridiculously funny and embarrassingly familiar moments that make the series such a joy to watch. It may be regarded as fluffy and sentimental, and it might not be as racey as say Channel 4's experimental stuff, but who cares. It's well written, funny and full of odd but lovable characters.

Although the title suggests that Gavin and Stacey are the main characters in the sitcom, they're the least interesting. There's no 'Will they? Wont they?' keeping you hooked with these two and even when they break-up you always know a reconciliation is on the cards. For me, the real stars of the show are the proriferal characters. Characters like Bryn (Rob Brydon), Pam (Alison Steadman) and Doris (Margaret John) who aren't always central to the storyline, but certainly steal the show.

But don't take my word for it. If you missed it you can catch-up by watching on iplayer.

And here's a little taster to get you in the mood.

By far the funniest moment of this week's episode:

The new series of Gavin and Stacey is on Thursdays at 9pm on BBC1.

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