Thursday, 12 November 2009

Room 101

In life, don't you find there are certain phrases and words that irritate you so much you want to throw a large text edition of the urban dictionary at the perpetrator of these crimes against the English Language?

No, well you're obviously the moron sprouting all these empty sentiments.

Shame on you!

There will therefore be a ban on certain words and phrases on this blog. This list is not exhaustive and will get bigger.

Suggestions welcome to the Room 101 of English Language:

(unless actually referring to the true definition of the word i.e. Something which gives one a sense of awe.)

Possibly the wankiest of terms, neither making you want to chill or relax. Just punch someone in the face.

Good times/Bad times
Popularised by Justin Collins and used every tom, dick and harry with really nothing better to add to the conversation. In short hand, verbal diarrhoea.

If you're 15, American, blonde and just walked off the set of Wild Child the use of this term is vaguely acceptable. BUT only because its expected, all the rest of you should know better.

Originally the title of Attila the, this word has been adopted as the shortened version of the affectionate term honey. Always to be spoken in a sickly, patronising tone. Reason for spelling is not clear, may be linked to evaporation of gene pools.

Another annoying phrase from another annoying television star. This time Seth Cohen from The O.C helped get this gem into the urban dictionary. User's beware, if it sounded geeky when he said it, just imagine what it sound's like when you say it.

Is the world really that we need to use acronyms for phrases that you don't really need in the first place. I'm almost tempted to say it's Redonkulous, but I won't.

I could really go on forever, its surprising how many stupid things people say, but I'm bored now.

So FYI hun, I'm gonna chillax for a bit. You guys have been awesome, OMG! Good times

See that's what you sound like.

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